Stories has been updated!

I’ve actually had that story going for a while. I just thought it was about time for something new other than just a picture. It’s just 1 page out of 4, so I still have a lot of editing to do. Check out the story when you can!

If anybody sees this within the next year. 030

First panel is done!


This is the web comic I was talking about. I actually have 3 panels finished, but I need to figure out another setting in order to start a full fledged update. I was thinking maybe 50 panels before I update. At least. It depends on how patient I am with the movements.


Yay! Got my first page finished. It’s not much, but I’m making the next page which actually has comics.

TO WHOEVER SEES THIS. Do you think I should do this, or the webcomic I’m planning next?